Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Belated Preparation for Winter

We are lucky enough that our house has all of its original windows, and most of the original wavy glass still intact. They were a big part of why we bought the house in the first place.

Unfortunately, we are not lucky enough to have the original wood storms, with the exception of the basement ones. After we moved in and I had a chance to really look at these, it became painfully obvious how bad of shape they were in. The glazing had deteriorated so much on one that a pane of glass had fallen out and was slimply set on the ground and leaned against the window.

My goal was to repair and reglaze all of them before winter. I figured I would have them done in about a week. Unfortunately, it seems to be taking about 10 times longer than that. The process of removing the old glazing, getting the glass out, repairing the rot, and prepping the window for new glazing is taking a lot longer than anticipated. The pictures show the progress thus far. Given that these are only basement storms, I am probably being way to much of a perfectionist about this.
One of the pathetic 2 that have been reglazed and are actually ready for paint.
Rebuilding missing and rotted pieces with WoodEpox.

By the way, the floor under the windows is the alleged asbestos flooring in our basement. It is a lovely combination of dirty green and equally dirty tan. For some reason though, I still kind of like it.