Sunday, April 25, 2010

Behind Door #2

I decided it was finally time to deal with the aluminum soffits on the house. From building permits, I know the soffits were added in 1971, so I am a little apprehensive to see what they are hiding.

I started with the small side entry of the house to get an idea of how much effort this will take. Here is the before picture.It took a whopping 15 minutes to get the aluminum and all the nails down. I was extremely pleased to find the molding and beadboard underneath to be completely intact and in remarkably good shape. The after picture is below.
The wood is solid, but most of the paint has peeled off. I actually think this is great because it is going to make it easier to prep for repainting. I can only hope the rest of the soffit work goes this well (unfortunately I know better).

Close up after
By the way, if anyone knows where I can take aluminum scrap in Minneapolis (and hopefully get money for it), please let me know. Thanks.