Sunday, August 16, 2009


The dining room woodwork is finally all refinished. I was determined that I wouldn't post anything until it was done. It took me 10 months and who knows how many hours (definitely in the hundreds), but I am extremely happy with the results. While incredibly tedious, the 5 step refinishing technique worked very well. Here are some before and after shots.

Column header before
Same header after - none of the wood grain was visible with the old finish.
Built-in before
Built-in after
Bank of windows
Close-up of the board shown in a previous post

Another close up

Unfortunately, there is a little bit of bad news. We still need to repaint the dining room and I have the entire living room left to refinish. It better take less than 10 months this time. I am going to work on some other projects before I get up the motivation to go after that one. Here is what the refinished woodwork looks like next to the living room woodwork.


Sandra said...

Can't wait to see it next weekend!!

Josh said...

Very nice! I wish my trim was quartersawn-- your close-ups are gorgeous.

Do you have anything planned for the inside of the buffet?

Domesticated said...

It looks amazing! I'm almost done with our living room. I'll be happy to not sand, strip, stain or poly another piece of wood for a long time!

eggs_gg said...

Ah, the inside of the buffet. Right now, I am pretending like I don't see the white paint. At some point I will test my sanity and try to strip it. Let me know if you have any suggestions that might be less painful.

Sandra said...

Steve talked about your woodwork all the way to AL! So amazing! Checked my parent's sink- it's a "Standard" I'll try to remember if they do any updates to ask you first if you want any of the fixtures!