Sunday, March 14, 2010

Let there be Light!

The living room ceiling light is up and functional. It wasn't even that bad to install. I think it is interesting that the old mounting hardware on the fixture fit the old electrical box perfectly. While I have no way of knowing what fixture was originally there, I believe this one has got to be pretty close. I wonder how long the electrical box was covered up or how long it has been since this fixture lit anything.
The ceiling itself is also now painted (except for the edges near the trim). For the ceiling, we went with a Sherwin Williams color called Jersey Cream. We are usually awful at picking colors, but this one actually turned out well.

The other nice thing about having an adequate light fixture in this room is I can now work on the trim refinishing in the evening. Hopefully that will accelerate the process from its current 200 year pace.


Domesticated said...
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Domesticated said...

Wow... It looks AMAZING! I am obsessed with the fixture you found. If you need a good deal on paint, I work for a property managemnt company and we over $50 off on paint. We painted the extrerior of our house last summer and it only cost us $500. If youre ever going to do a big project, polease let me know. I'd be more than happy to pass the savings onto you. (sorry, a typo was bugging me) =)

eggs_gg said...

Thanks. We are actually planning on painting the exterior this summer, so I may take you up on your offer. This assumes I get the living room done at some point. What brand of paint did you use?

Sandy said...

The light fixture is so pretty. It looks like it has always been there. Perfect!